EPISODE 018 – Paul Standish

We have a powerful conversation with Paul Standish (Institute of Education, University College London) about the winding shape of an academic career and the profundity of the act of teaching.

EPISODE 017 – Chris Higgins

 We welcome Chris Higgins (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign) to the program as he describes "self-full" teaching and highlights the need for both rigor and relevance in philosophy of education. In describing the value of liberal study in teacher education, Higgins shares with us a very promising account of the enduring importance of pedagogy.

Episode 016 – Ronald Glass

Ron Glass (University of California, Santa Cruz) draws our attentions to the difficulties of embodied ideologies and the educational fight against racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression. Learn more about his work through the UC Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California (CCREC).

Episode 015 – Ann Chinnery

Ann Chinnery (Simon Fraser University) visits us to discuss being a responsive moral subject, being situated in a historical context, and the value of perseverance in reading difficult yet compelling primary sources.

Episode 014 – David Hansen

David Hansen (Teachers College, Columbia University) provides an invitation to reconsider the abiding human dimensions of educational research. For more details of his scholarship, please visit his webpage.

Episode 013 – Charles Bingham

Charles "Bing" Bingham (Simon Fraser University) joins us for a rewarding conversation about the lived experiences that ground his work in philosophy of education. Through this, he kindly gives listeners a fine introduction to critical approaches to education. Please see more of his work and learn of his interests at his blog.

Episode 012 – Kathleen Knight-Abowitz

Kathleen Knight-Abowitz (Miami University) converses with us about the trajectory of her critical pragmatist scholarship and its connections to educational leadership. Her inquiries into notions of community and the democratic purposes of public education offer an exciting perspective on quite relevant moral and political questions.

Episode 011 – Eduardo Duarte

Against the beautiful backdrop of the sounds of a bustling city, we welcome Eduardo Duarte (Hofstra University). In this conversation, he reminds us of the value of wedding the experimental character of philosophy on education to the unpredictable circumstances of a real and dynamic world.

Episode 009 – Gert Biesta

Gert Biesta's work is internationally read, engaged, and revered. He very graciously sits down with us this episode, as we talk about his entry into education and the possibilities that still exist for this beautiful (and risky) endeavor.

Episode 007 – Harry Brighouse

Join us for a terrifically thoughtful conversation with Harry Brighouse (University of Wisconsin, Madison). We discuss his work on the distribution of educational opportunities and the rights of parents and schools relative to children's emerging values. Please see his book, Family Values, for a more full articulation of those views. 

Episode 005 – Sigal Ben-Porath

We are thrilled to have Sigal Ben-Porath (University of Pennsylvania) join us for a discussion of her work in and perspectives on philosophy of education. For more information on the ideas shared in this episode, please visit her website.

Episode 003 – Randall Curren

The acclaimed Randall Curren (University of Rochester; University of Birmingham; Royal Institute of Philosophy) is our guest this episode. Curren's comments on interdisciplinary work and collaboration ought to be especially generative for listeners. For more on his captivating ideas, please see his inaugural lecture on Meaning, Motivation and the Good.

Episode 002 – Lawrence Blum

We are excited about this thought-provoking conversation with the inimitable Lawrence Blum (University of Massachusetts Boston). Please learn more about his very compelling work.